By Caleb Maupin

The recent controversy regarding the “border children” in the United States needs to be placed in a proper global context.

In response to the influx of children from Central America, who are fleeing the US backed devastation in Honduras and Guatemala; fascists in the United States have revealed themselves once again.

In Murietta, California, bands of right-wing extremists blocked buses filled with children from Central America. The police stood aside, and allowed these right-wingers to terrorize and threaten a group of child and young refugees who were being transported by the US Border Patrol.

The event was highly publicized, and the members of this “movement” were soon filling the airwaves, calling for similar action against people they consider to be “illegal.”

It has been revealed that the entire “movement” against the “border children” was staged in close coordination with the police and border patrol agents. Members of the Border Patrol “leaked” photographs of the children to right-wing media. Police and Border Patrol Agents even coordinated with the ultra-right wing activists as to when the buses would arrive, so that the “protest” of right-wing flag waving racists could be staged at the exact right moment.

The rhetoric of these “anti-immigrant activists” is classical fascist rhetoric. It calls for “restoring America’s greatness” by purging “undesirable” elements. It preaches extreme hatred not just for immigrants, impoverished people, and others, but also for any forces that seek to build solidarity with the oppressed.